FIFA Mobile Soccer - A Football Game Like Never Before

Electronic Arts (EA) has finally released their much awaited and highly anticipated FIFA Mobile, which was basically expected to be called FIFA 17 (since the previous ones were FIFA 15 and FIFA 16). And the change in the title makes sense, because this mobile game is nothing like its predecessors. This time EA has finally worked on every loophole and have given its fans a technologically advanced game with excellent animation, captivating storyline, and some irresistible features which has made this game such an instant hit.

THE BEST AND COOLEST FEATURES The game is available for both iOS and Android and is already the most talked about mobile game. Following are some of the unique features and add ups which totally justify this game’s success. 1. ATTACK MODE – This is probably the top most reason because of why this game has created such a hype. The Attack Mode allows you and the opponent a chance to goal turn-wise. It is exactly like what happens in real matches, thus, it gives a certain authenticity to the game. Furthermore, you get to focus on one thing that really matters, which is to goal. 2. DAILY UPDATES – And no, they aren’t just updates of a daily quiz or stuff, but the game actually synchronizes real events which has happened in daily real matches into the game. This is the most unique feature any game has ever introduced. Through this, not only you are excited about a unique challenge every day, but you also get regular updates of the football world. 3. THE UNBELIEVABLE NUMBERSFIFA Mobile Soccer actually comes with 30 leagues, 650 team choices, and 18,000 real players. Numbers like this make us wonder if it can get any exciting and real than this. 4. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES – This feature proves that this game is certainly for everyone. It is now available in almost 10 languages apart from English including French, Portuguese, Russian, Brazilian, and Turkish. 5. HIGHLY COMBUSTIBLE – The game is merely downloaded under 100MB of the data. This means that now you don’t have to wait for Wi-Fi to download or access it, you can easily do so in your mobile data. 6. INTERESTING MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES - The control options of FIFA Mobile are highly refined and easy-to-use. Moreover, other special options such as auto play, gesture control, and virtual stick further adds to the charm of the game. A FINAL SAY The game’s major success, you can say, is because it belongs to a highly successful series already. But FIFA Mobile has set a milestone of its own. With this version, they EA haven’t just taken a step forward, but has actually jumped over 100 steps at once. FIFA Mobile Soccer Hack makes us wonder if virtual football can get any better. But one thing is without any doubt, FIFA Mobile is currently the best online football game ever.

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